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Eletta supports local sports and the young champion, Letizia Paternoster

Eletta supports local sports and the young champion, Letizia Paternoster


letta starts to sponsor sports at the beginning of 2021. This is a substantial contribution that Eletta, a company belonging to Gruppo Heliopolis, wishes to make to the area and to support talented young international athletes. Energy, perseverance, ambition and future: these are the values that the Eletta brand shares with the world of sport, for an all-female sponsorship choice. Eletta is the company of the group specialised in energy upgrading, energy efficiency and living comfort.

Eletta supports Letizia Paternoster

First, there is support for the young Olympic hopeful Letizia Paternoster, a road and track cyclist from Trentino, who is aiming to win in the Tokyo Olympics. This is a multi-year agreement in which Letizia Paternoster and Eletta also establish a calendar of events in the Trentino area to promote living comfort and new quality standards for the homes of Italian families.

Eletta supports the Trentino Cycling Academy

Eletta Trentino Cycling Academy is the only all-female team, established in 2021 to bring together a dozen athletes from all over the province. A company that looks to the future, driven by the experience and professionalism of Dario Broccardo.

Eletta supports Trentino Rosa – Volleyball

Trentino Rosa is an Italian women’s volleyball club based in Trento: it plays in the Serie A1 championship

Eletta supports Cestistica Rivana

Cestistica Rivana is the women’s basketball club from Alto Garda

Eletta supports Football Club Rovereto

FC Rovereto is the Rovereto football club, the first team plays in the Promotion championship