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Agriculture and clean energy production can coexist

Agriculture and clean energy production can coexist


 promising ruling for the entire electricity production and agricultural sectors is issued from the Regional Administrative Tribunal (TAR) of Lecce, and which, according to the principles set out, appears to be capable of opening a real front on a larger national scale. The Ruling of the Regional Administrative Tribunal (TAR) of Salento (no. 248 of 11.02.2022), in acceptance of the appeal submitted by HEPV18, which is part-owned by Heliopolis, Energie and Museum based in Trentino Alto Adige and represented by their lawyer Saverio Sticchi Damiani, has finally acknowledged that while in the case of photovoltaic systems tout court the ground is made impermeable, the growth of vegetation is prevented and the agricultural land therefore loses all its productive potential, in agrivoltaics, the systems are positioned directly on higher and well-spaced poles in order to allow the ground below to be cultivated and to allow farm machinery to be used for the planned crops. The surface of the ground therefore remains permeable, can be reached by the sun and rain, and is usable for agricultural production.


Press release

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Text of the ruling

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