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Gruppo Heliopolis

Values perform a fundamental function in a company, displaying the will and the decision of a coveted “must be” that guides and influences

the culture of that company, expressing a natural and automatic conduct that is coherently and harmoniously capable of interpreting the external context and the pursued objectives.

The sense of having a Charter of Values for the Heliopolis Group can be expressed in this way:

  • A company does not exist without values. Not only because values are the cultural and emotional pillars on which the company is founded, but above all, because a company, in so far as it exists and operates, cannot fail to generate values.
  • The values are the ideal purposes that guide individual and collective action and assesses their compliance with valid and highly regarded principles.

Charter of Values

An indispensable premise to ensure that each person can feel part of Gruppo Heliopolis and therefore feel accepted by the other people who are part of it.

Awareness of being accountable for one’s work to all internal and external interlocutors through the transparency projects, activities and the results achieved.

Credibility and ability to conduct oneself in an exemplary manner both inside and outside the organization.

To be understood not just as meaning having an understanding of business and being in harmony with it, but as a willingness to take the initiative and envisage unexplored opportunities for action.

To be applied at all levels and in all actions that contribute to ensuing results and, externally, a visibility comparable to the best competitors.

Spreading the merit-based company culture to achieve the set objectives, creating and maintaining relationships based on fairness and professionalism.

The willingness of everyone to work not only in accordance with the duties and procedures to be followed, but above all with a clear awareness of the goal to be achieved. The sharing and transparency of objectives are therefore a necessary condition for achieving the goals of the organization.

Promotion of business development, the way the organization works and the most innovative tools and technologies, but also the personal and professional growth of anyone who works for the Group.

Promoting collaboration is essential for Gruppo Heliopolis, with clear and shared objectives, within teams, organizational matrices and departments and with partners and external interlocutors.

Openness to relationships, listening, innovative ideas, change, new challenges and the sacrifices they involve.

Adopting a professional, precise and conscientious conduct in compliance with the law and the principles of correctness, fairness and confidentiality.