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A Rovereto Heliopolis innalza il palazzo di legno più alto d’Italia


the two wooden prisms of the residential complex are raised and the green hill that will cover the commercial area is modeled : the rebirth of the former Marangoni area is concrete and imminent .

An expected and revolutionary redevelopment project : living spaces dedicated to social housing and an immense public park, which mends the most neglected suburbs and breaks down physical and emotional barriers. 


Roads of sustainable mobility and services are born between via Benacense Secondo and Lizzanella, with an explicit and determined effort to create identity and restore attractiveness to an area that has undergone the little conscious choices of another era.

The large construction site will be completed in record time, the buildings are growing visibly: six and nine floors. Not of concrete but of the living and renewable material par excellence: it will be the tallest wooden building in Italy.