In the outlying areas of Mozambique,
energy is more than just light


or the rural communities of Mozambique, energy is much more than simple electricity.

Between the pages of a book, read right up to sleep time, and in the classrooms, opened in a continuous cycle, energy lights up culture.

When food and medicines are readily available and stored correctly, energy safeguards the health of people.

An energy that feeds new job prospects, ways of meeting and methods of development.

The project at a glance.


Project:                   Large renewable plants

Yield:                       1150 KW – 6 MWh of battery power bank

Where:                    Mozambique

When:                     2019-2020

We brought energy where there was none


Situated in south-east Africa, Mozambique is a changeable land: it encloses plateaus and plains, arid savannas and luscious mangrove forests, as well as a coastline dotted with ports overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Internally, major cities are connected to remote towns by means of a road network of almost 65,000 kilometres, of which only about 5,000 is tarmacked.

Isolated villages lie at least 4 hours away from the closest districts.


After dusk, life goes into standby.


Bringing electricity into rural areas means giving the opportunity to read, to cook safely, to take care of oneself, to meet others.

It means living, even after sunset.

GROWTH requires energy and an overall vision; it requires a project to drive rural development.


Moçitaly is an all-round growth model for the rural areas of Mozambique.


Since 2014, we have been revving up the economic growth of outlying areas through the construction of minigrids, independent photovoltaic systems that provide employment, promote aggregation and light up the potential of an entire community.



A system for the small-scale production of energy, the distribution of which gives work to local inhabitants.

The growth model consists of:

  • one or more electricity generation plants
  • a power bank for energy accumulation
  • a low-voltage distribution network with energy delivery points equipped with electronic meters (PAYG)

Impact on people and on the territory


“If we can preserve our local resources, cooking without using timber or emitting noxious fumes, energy becomes synonymous with ecology.

We generally meet on route to the nearby villages, outside small shopping lojas, at the wash houses, where the water flows crystal clear from the rivers. We can now also do so in the evenings.


Here, energy lights up infinite possibilities.”


Future vision

“To remain a market leader in Mozambique and produce energy through large photovoltaic systems, to support the main electrical grid.”